Low bandwidth communications

remote administrator or boss

On-the-job trained technicians

Distributed fleet across a vast geography

Lower computer skills; lower English literacy

Limited peer interaction among operators


Maintaining infrastructure in remote places is a major responsibility. Providing your operators with tools to increase job retention and performance is finally a reality with 60Hertz.  

Our software cues operators with a series of checklists; validates task completion with photo uploads; cheers a job well done; eases work order placement; streamlines fuel reorder; orchestrates subsistence leave; and provides timely visibility to within the first 10 days of the software pilot.


provides a critical upgrade to clipboard-and-pencil maintenance:


Decrease downtime through improved preventative and predictive maintenance & planning.

Increase operator engagement through performance-based incentives and gamification.

Extend the life of generation infrastructure.

Reduce operating costs and diesel consumption through data-informed decisions.

Increase operator retention and decrease training costs.

Increase performance visibility to project owners, fleet managers and general managers.


Our software was developed collaboratively with the following Power Plant Operators and energy professionals in Alaska