Remote "Islanded" Energy Grids

60Hertz serves remote, islanded diesel electricity grids. Islanded grids are not necessarily on islands! They are disconnected from central generation, transmission, and often, roads. Indigenous communities across the Arctic and around the world are often islanded. Navigant Research predicts that 80% of the growth in the energy sector before 2035 will take place in the developing world; the International Energy Agency anticipates that 67% of new electrification will be with an islanded microgrid. Lessons learned from Alaska's islanded grids translate across the Arctic, and globally. Thirteen percent of the world's renewable-diesel microgrids are in Alaska: know-how in the state is forerunning. Integrating renewable energy into diesel grids dramatically reduces the cost of power and stabilizes long-term supply for communities and commercial interests. Renewable microgrids harvest a free renewable resource (wind, solar, hydro) and produce a commodity, kWh and/or btu.