Software Features

60Hertz Maintenance Management Software is designed to support operators maintaining isolated energy assets. 60Hertz offers operators a user-friendly interface that strives to be culturally responsive, and visualizes data through our administrator dashboard.

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Daily Maintenance Routines

Preventative maintenance finds its success in consistency and accurate record keeping. Today, many remote operators and administrators must accomplish this using only pencil and paper. Our dashboard visualizes information sets that aren’t possible with a clipboard.

60Hertz’s intuitive software is a solution suited for environments with latent communication capabilities, and communities where English is not the primary language.

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Peer to Peer Networking

Isolated microgrids are maintained by operators that often lack peer-to-peer connection and collegiality. Whether that isolation is geographic or simply a stretched digital divide, 60Hertz facilitates peer-to-peer networking through many in-app features including 1:1 messaging, working groups and forums. These features help to build a community of remote professionals excited about supporting one another.

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Content Library

Curated content can be delivered in-app and used for many purposes. All of your asset manuals and how-to videos can be found in our Engines and Systems module; these can be easily referenced during routine maintenance. Operators can also add recordings, notes or images tagged to each asset to ensure continuity between maintenance schedules.

This feature can also be used by administrators and supervisors to curate content for professional development or to remind an operator how to complete a specific task.


Inventory Management

60Hertz has developed an inventory management module to support remote operators who are often filling multiple roles and may not have support on-site. Improving inventory management decreases operating expenses and increases professionalization.

Inventory management can be a complex task. 60Hertz supports operators by walking them through the process of entering their inventory into the software.