60Hertz's proprietary software is designed to serve microgrid power plant operators. 60Hertz's software serves the people responsible for maintaining a minigrid who may not have access to a skilled senior operator, diesel engine mechanic, troubleshooting help, or even a colleague. Operating a powerhouse is a major responsibility in remote places. Yet operators often have low pay, insufficient hours allocated for the work and consequently a high turnover rate.

60Hertz's software cues operators with a series of checklists; validates task completion with photo uploads; cheers a job well done; eases work order placement; streamlines fuel reorder; orchestrates subsistence leave; and provides timely visibility to managers if critical maintenance is overlooked. This prevents equipment failure. The 60Hertz approach optimizes performance of the generator and renewable assets in a culturally responsive manner. 
The software gives a modern digital solution to clipboard-and-pencil methods of maintaining generating infrastructure. The software asks basic questions: has the oil been changed? Is the proper maintenance occurring?


Decrease downtime through improved preventative and predictive maintenance & planning.


Reduced equipment failure and repair costs through improved operations and maintenance compliance.


Extend the life of generation infrastructure.



Reduced diesel usage through generation optimization

Happier power plant operators with higher job retention

Facilitate Power Cost Equalization, or other subsidy, paperwork


Our Software is culturally informed, and collaboratively developed with power plant operators in Alaska.