PRESS RELEASE: 60Hertz wins international High North Young Entrepreneur pitch competition

PRESS RELEASE: Anchorage energy startup 60Hertz wins international High North Young Entrepreneur pitch competition

Microgrid management software company gives winning pitch, receives funding at Arctic conference in Norway

Anchorage, Alaska – 60Hertz Microgrids, an Anchorage startup providing microgrid management solutions for remote communities, is excited to announce the company has won top honors at the 2019 High North Young Entrepreneur pitch competition in Bodø, Norway. Founder and CEO Piper Foster Wilder was one of three finalists, from among dozens of contestants worldwide, selected to pitch their ideas before an international audience of business and innovation experts at the annual Arctic Conference High North Dialogue – where 60Hertz was acclaimed the winner by an audience vote.

"We are so proud to see the solutions 60Hertz pioneered in Alaska recognized by international innovators," said Foster Wilder. "When it comes to microgrid development, Alaska is a world leader, and we believe that solutions developed here can and will flourish around the globe."

The award includes a funding grant of 50,000 Norwegian kroner ($5,800). Following the competition, US Ambassador to Norway, Rear Admiral Kenneth Braithwaite, honored Foster Wilder during his remarks at the Ambassadors' panel. He presented her with his Challenge Coin from the US-Norway Embassy, to recognize the role that 60Hertz plays as an example of American start-up culture and the promise of the company. 

High North Dialogue, which draws roughly 350 participants each year, has since 2007 brought together Arctic leaders to discuss the dimensions of change taking place in the Arctic. A jury of experts from Norway, Finland, and Russia selected 60Hertz as a finalist, alongside startups from Denmark and Norway, from a contestant pool of startups and young entrepreneurs from around the world.

60Hertz is the first microgrid maintenance software on the market, designed to suit villages, islanded grids, military garrison and deployed energy assets, and non-traditional microgrids – from maritime vessels to critical infrastructure standby power. The 60Hertz CMMS (computerized maintenance management solutions) was piloted in Alaska, in partnership with Tanana Chiefs Conference, the Alaska Village Electric Cooperative, and independent village coops. 60Hertz has recently celebrated its first commercial deployment in the villages of Quinhagak, Eek, Togiak, and New Stuyahok. The company is an alumnus of the local business accelerator Launch Alaska.

Microgrids – islanded electric grids for remote geographic areas – power remote communities throughout the Arctic and rural areas across the globe. Operators are often isolated both physically and professionally, and 60Hertz strives to make their jobs easier with user-friendly software that improves daily maintenance consistency, data visualization, and helps build peer networks. The intuitive interface empowers remote operators with limited access to formal education to experience 21st Century workflow efficiencies. 60Hertz thrives in environments with latent communication infrastructure, where cultural competency is valued and operators are conducting maintenance on energy assets whether diesel, solar, battery, small hydro and wind. To find out more about how 60Hertz supports owners and operators, visit

Foster Wilder was encouraged to enter the competition by the Institute of the North - a think tank dedicated to advancing Alaska's position in the Arctic. She will be speaking in Seattle on April 26 at the 2019 Arctic Encounter Symposium ( and in Anchorage on May 1st at the 2019 North x North Summit (

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