60Hertz’s purpose is to finance renewable assets on islanded microgrids, and enable better maintenance of remote infrastructure through our software.  

1. Raise

60Hertz raises project finance capital. We connect tax equity and impact investors with infrastructure projects. 60Hertz assembles deals, negotiates debt and equity returns, and organizes loan guarantees for project partners.

2. Aggregate

60Hertz aggregates disparate village sites into annual tranches of activity, until investible scale is reached. Local project champions and community buy-in are cultivated. 60Hertz considers local diesel generator condition, renewable resources, social factors and climate-induced relocation risk in site selection.

3. Connect

60Hertz is ensures developed assets are engineered and built by blue chip firms with performance guarantees with commitment to project success for the term of the Power Purchase Agreement.

4. Finance

60Hertz finances renewable assets on microgrids and sells energy through village-scale Power Purchase Agreements. Equity investment ranges between $200k and $600k, which yield a US Federal Investment Tax Credit averaging $300k - $460k. 60Hertz's method yields annual costs that save money for customers while improving Operations & Maintenance.

5. Support

60Hertz supports critical maintenance activities through our operator-centered software solution. 60Hertz's software is suited to maintenance of diesel generators, solar + Battery Energy Storage Solution, water and sanitation. We have developed the smartest CMMS solution for microgrids and emerging market maintenance available.


We're currently taking on investments to change energy access in Alaska, the Arctic, and the World.

There are a number of ways to be part of 60Hertz's momentum. We seek impact investors in 60Hertz's project finance fund, employees at our Anchorage-based company, and communities that want to save 30% or more on energy costs.

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