60Hertz's proprietary software is designed to serve remote microgrid infrastructure operators


From village power and water to floating microgrids on ocean-going vessels, 60Hertz's Computerized Maintenance Management System software is best suited to people responsible for remote infrastructure.


Low bandwidth communications?

Distributed fleet across a vast geography?

remote administrator or boss?

On the job trained technicians?

Lower computer skills, lower literacy?

Limited collegiality among operators?


Maintaining infrastructure in remote places is a major responsibility. Providing your operators with tools to increase job retention and performance is possible given 60Hertz’s approach.  

60Hertz's software cues operators with a series of checklists; validates task completion with photo uploads; cheers a job well done; eases work order placement; streamlines fuel reorder; orchestrates subsistence leave; and provides timely visibility to within the first 10 days of the software pilot.

Flexible checklist with Administrator dashboards, suited to:


Village infrastructure

Remote Telecom

Diesel generators at any scale

Renewables: solar, BESS, hydro, wind

Water and Sanitation



The software gives a critical upgrade to clipboard-and-pencil maintenance. Features include:


Decrease downtime through improved preventative and predictive maintenance & planning.

Increase operator engagement through performance-based incentives and gamification.

Extend the life of generation infrastructure.

Reduce operating costs and diesel consumption through data-informed decisions.

Increase operator retention and decrease training costs.

Increase performance visibility to project owners, fleet managers and general managers


Our software was developed collaboratively with the following Power Plant Operators and energy professionals in Alaska


Mountain Village
Al Chiklak
David Peterson

Anna Joseph
Kyle Wiehl
Shay Pitka

Arnold Captain, Jr
Jenny Hopson
Liz Captain
Stewart Cleaver

Arctic Village
Brewster Johnson

Brian Joseph

Yukon River
Charlie Hibbeln
Clay Easterling

Gilbert Sam
Shawn Jackson

INN Electric
James Wassillie
Robert Clay
Scottie Merculief

Stevens Village
Jason Burgess
Troy Simon

St. Marys
Jez Lamont
Jay Hootch
Kirsty Halliday

John Williams

Milton Moses
Thomas Wiehl


Tanana Chiefs Conference
Dave Pelunis Messier
Wes Alexander

Chris McConnell
Shaina Kilcoyne

Erin Whitney
Chris Pike
Gwen Holdmann

David Dayton

Birch Creek
Vince Williams

Ryan Christian
Tim Thumma

Alaska Village Electric Cooperative
Meera Kohler
Bill Thomson
Bill Stamm
Kirstin Enanoria
Joni Sweetman

Yukon River Crossing Camp
Jeffrey Groenke
Michelle Charlton

Iliamna NewHalen NonDalton Electric
George Hornberger

Utility Management Assistance
Connie Fredenberg

HOMER Energy
Peter Lillienthal