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We are seeking innovators who have the drive to unlock the potential of software, renewables and human empowerment to transform rural communities.

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Director of Engineering


What We Do

60Hertz is a start-up that provides microgrid maintenance software to operators of village-scale systems, critical infrastructure, and commercial/industrial sites. The platform is flexible to accommodate customers’ maintenance routines for power generation assets, from diesel generators to solar/battery systems. Despite automation in the sector, 60Hertz is rigorously focused on serving the human maintainer. Operators are the heartbeat of an electricity grid. Taking Alaskan villages as our start-market — the state’s 200 villages and 100 remote commercial/industrial sites are a proxy for developing world conditions globally — 60Hertz solves lack of effective operations & maintenance by improving the efficiency of diesel generator and renewable asset maintenance. The company’s Computerized Maintenance Management System software (CMMS) first serves emerging markets solutions while offering attractive features to better-serviced industrial customers. 60Hertz’s purpose is to up-skill, impart dignity and acknowledge a job well-done. These attributes promote stickiness of users, and employee-retention/performance for our customers.


Motivated by the WHY

Social Impact. 60Hertz is a social enterprise pioneering software design elements into maintenance management software that exceeds the needs of rural operators around the world. Our mission is to have global impact; to put modern tools in the hands of local resources to ensure successful maintenance of critical infrastructure.

Growing Industry. 60Hertz is serving the microgrid industry, which growing and offers resiliency to communities and remote industrial or military operations.

Stories. We are motivated by stories - stories that reflect the lives of unique people all over the world that are passionately serving their community with few resources, grinding away to meet critical power needs. Stories about people who don’t own a smart phone or personal computer overcoming fear and adopting our software incorporating it into their preventative maintenance routines. Seeing their sense of accomplishment and pride in having a professional resource to accomplish their job is beyond measure.