Our operator-focused, culturally responsive user interface is made to work for technicians. 60Hz promotes operator resiliency with features and benefits that matter on the ground.

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On-Demand Training

Tutorial videos, FAQ & manuals loaded on operator’s tablet for up-skilling.

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Connected Peer Community

Brings the benefit of colleagues for peer coaching and morale to isolated technicians.

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Reduced Admin Paper Handling

Save headquarters staff countless hours of data entry.

We are in a snowbank of faxes every day and slowed down by data entry. We need data that is accurate. We have a lot of erroneous data because our communication is limited, so this app helps us monitor what is happening remotely. The app helps us relieve the paperwork burden.
— Kirstin Enanoria, Alaska Village Electric Cooperative
Within the first week of our pilot, the software prevented catastrophic generator failure.
— Wes Alexander, Tanana Chiefs Conference