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Within the first week of our pilot, the software prevented catastrophic generator failure
— Wes Alexander, Tanana Chiefs Conference
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Adding value to

Asset Investors & Owners

Extend the life of generation assets from microgrid diesel to remote renewables by verifying that critical maintenance takes place accurately and on time.

Optimize your most valuable assets by providing operators with powerful maintenance management tools that streamline data transfer from the operator to the manager.

The 60Hertz maintenance solution includes operator training and on-boarding as well as maximized performance through our peer forum, leaderboard, and facilitated performance incentivizes. We designed 60Hertz to give users a new sense of job-ownership and dignity that compels commitment and longevity.

We were in a snowbank of faxes every day and slowed down by data entry. We needed data that is accurate. We have a lot of erroneous data because our communication is limited, so this app helps us monitor what is happening remotely. The app helps us relieve the paperwork burden.
— Kirstin Enanoria, Alaska Village Electric Cooperative

Our operator-focused, culturally responsive user interface is made to work for technicians. 60Hertz promotes operator resiliency with features and benefits that matter on the ground.

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On-Demand Training

Tutorial videos, FAQ & manuals loaded on operator’s tablet for up-skilling.

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Connected Peer Community

Brings the benefit of colleagues for peer coaching and morale to isolated technicians.


Reduced Admin Paper Handling

Save headquarters staff countless hours of data entry.