Providing financing and operations & maintenance solutions to achieve your energy goals.

60 Hertz is led by the vision to reduce diesel dependence in rural Arctic communities. We partner with communities and industrial sites to provide financing aimed at energy cost reduction strategies such as integration of renewables and energy efficiency projects. We also recognize optimization of power systems through O&M support is vital in remote locations to enable long term cost savings. We have developed our proprietary software to help power plant operators achieve optimization through preventative maintenance and networked trouble shooting support.  

60Hertz was founded by Alaskans because the high cost of energy in Alaska is crippling. Average cost per kilowatt in remote communities is $0.65/kWh — at least four times more than urban parts of Alaska, and the most expensive in the United States. Heating costs via fuel oil are even higher. The average remote grocery store spends $17,000 per month on its energy.

 As energy is increasingly recognized as a human right, Alaska Natives are organizing through political channels to draw further attention to this plight. But many systemic obstacles exist. We seek partners in remote villages to demonstrate how renewables can be installed and do far more to offset diesel, including heating oil, to keep money in the community, and possibly create several new jobs.