About 60Hertz


The 60Hertz team has created solutions for Vondafone, the World Food Program, Unilever and McGraw Hill Education. Our CMMS platform was piloted in 14 sites in Alaska, in partnership with Tanana Chiefs Conference, the Alaska Village Electric Cooperative, commercial sites, and independent village coops.

60Hertz’s software enables local operators to be more successful in their work. Alaska is a world-leader in microgrid development. We’ve worked with Alaska Native power plant operators to bring their vast knowledge and experience into a critical solution for the global microgrid market.

60Hertz believes Alaska is a proxy for the developing world – where solutions pioneered in the Arctic will flourish in microgrid contexts around the globe.

Our microgrid maintenance platform is suited for diesel, solar, battery, small hydro and wind.


60Hertz is a microgrid maintenance software designed to suit villages, islanded grids, military resiliency grids, as well as non-traditional microgrids—from maritime vessels to backup power for critical infrastructure. As the first microgrid maintenance software on the market, our solution offers template checklists for common microgrid assets, and the ability to upload your own asset maintenance routine.

Our software offers tablet-based maintenance routines for diesel, hydro, solar, and battery assets with a corresponding Administrator Dashboard.

60Hertz is a venture-backed startup based in Anchorage, Alaska. The company is an alumnae of the business accelerator, Launch Alaska.